Natural gas, a clean energy source

boostHEAT uses patented thermal compressor technology that operates with natural gas. The heat generated by combustion is used to activate the thermal compression cycle instead of directly supplying the heaters, which doubles the energy efficiency of natural gas in relation to a condensing boiler.

Natural gas is currently the third fossil energy (22%) after oil (32%) and coal (27%). Natural gas is much less polluting as its CO2 emissions are 20 to 25% lower than for fuel oil and 50% lower than for coal and its combustion gives off very little sulphur dioxide.

Thermodynamic boilers

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In addition, natural gas is the ideal supplement to renewable energy, thanks to the development of biogas, a form of natural gas produced from natural waste stemming from the farming industry. By 2030, around 30% of the gas supplied for heating systems will be biogas.