Beginning of assembly and first unit tests on the boostHEAT prototype

The boostHEAT thermal compressor prototype is composed of three parts: a casing that includes the drive/guide functions, a cooler which ensures the thermal exchange that implements the cycle and a charge heater for thermal supply.

The casing and cooler have been produced, assembled and tested. These are the most specialised parts of the prototype from a mechanical point of view. We are highly satisfied that the first production of these pieces was validated by our measurements. The heater design is currently being finalised, it will be manufactured shortly.

A great deal of work has also gone into the instrumentation of the prototype and the conception of a test and measurement rig; we are progressively receiving and installing the different components of this test rig.

As planned in the initial schedule of the project, the first experimental measurements of the boostHEAT compression will be obtained before the end of this year.