boostHEAT was awarded the Innovation Prize during the 2015 DERBI International Conference

Jean-Marc Joffroy, boostHEAT’s Managing Director and co-founder alongside Luc Jacquet, was awarded the Innovation Prize during the DERBI International Conference for his technological work within boostHEAT.

Indeed, boostHEAT has developed and industrialised a new generation of thermodynamic boilers for heat, domestic hot water and air conditioning purposes, aimed at residential, collective and service sector buildings. Based on patented thermal compressor technology, the equipment range developed by boostHEAT will provide natural gas with a thermal output of up to 200%.

Three prizes were awarded during the 2015 DERBI. The Innovation Prize was awarded to Jean-Marc Joffroy and boostHEAT. The Industry Trophy was awarded to Robert Guichet (Pyrescom) for his work on micro-electrics applied to energy management in buildings. The Scientific Prize was granted to Xavier Py (PROMES and UPVD laboratories) for his work on concentrated solar energy and thermodynamic energy storage.

The trophies symbolised a work of art by the artist Marc-André 2 Figueres, who created the giant sundial in Perpignan.

The International Conference is an event that highlights technological progress and economic strategies. Organised in partnership with FEDESOL (Solar Energy Research Federation) and the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Council), it united more than 300 delegates from 1 to 3 July.