Thermodynamic boilers

boostHEAT designs and develops a number of efficient thermodynamic boiler ranges for the residential and collective housing sector and the services sector. This type of boiler features heat generation and domestic hot water generation solutions for the housing sector and cold generation for the services sector.

BoostHEAT's technology, protected by an international patent portfolio, is the result of research that began in 2004, bringing together two mature technical solutions: boilers and heat pumps.

Natural gas, a clean energy source

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The heart of this technology is a new type of thermal compressor, which uses the burner's heat to efficiently compress a natural coolant.

Due to its unique design, this compressor can achieve a high temperature thermal compression cycle (around 700°C) and generate very high outputs.

Thermal compression

Compression occurs without any mechanical power transmission, as the pressure cycle is produced by the thermal cycle. This distinctive feature offers a unique technological advantage by which the system undergoes very little wear.

With no mechanical power transmission, the compressor can operate for 50,000 hours without any oil or maintenance, contrary to other standard technological solutions for engines and compressors.