boostHEAT invited by CleanTech Republic

For the launch of the 2015 Cleantech Republic Prize, Cleantech Republic editors invited Philippe Dujardin – boostHEAT’s Finance Director – and Nicolas Chaudron from IDInvest to review French start-up dynamics. The programme was presented by Baptiste Roux Dit Riche.

The first part of the programme was devoted to reviewing Cleantech companies’ growth: according to Nicolas Chaudron, Cleantech companies are now showing “steady growth”, namely thanks to our politicians’ desire to focus on “energy transition”.

Upon request from Baptiste Roux Dit Riche, Philippe Dujardin then presented boostHEAT’s background and innovative technology: boostHEAT has developed and industrialised a new generation of thermodynamic boilers for heat, domestic hot water and air conditioning purposes, aimed at residential, collective and service sector buildings. Based on patented thermal compressor technology, the equipment range developed by boostHEAT will provide natural gas with a thermal output of up to 200%.

The rest of the programme was partly devoted to Nicolas Chaudron’s success stories of Cleantech start-ups funded by ID Invest, and was ended with Philippe Dujardin telling us about boostHEAT’s next development stages.

As a conclusion, both speakers gave some pieces of advice to the 2015 CleanTech Prize applicants.

boostHEAT won the 2013 CleanTech Republic Prize.

Watch: video of the programme.